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I just bought this for my bedroom as I have very high ceiling and thought that this would help give it some pop.  I really like the product as it gave me an affordable alternative to do something different and new.  I did it by myself which was quite challenging on a ladder and trying to get it to stick to the walls but it came out ok.  I didn't like how it came delivered all rolled up.  It was difficult to unroll and look at the whole project without it coiling back up on me.  In the end I like the look and will defintely try some others.
 I bought this to add a pop of interest in my office/ craft room, and it did just that! It was so easy to put up, I'm looking for other prints for other rooms! My walls were painted about two weeks prior to my application of the decal, however the walls are not perfectly smooth or blemish free, yet the decal looks fabulous with no bubbles or peeling edges! I did it by myself in less than 45 mins from start to finish. I omitted the butterflies because I was afraid it would look too juvenile, otherwise it's perfect and I love the way it turned out, I highly recommend this product!
Name:Divinia Elliott
Name:Divinia Elliott

I purchased the Tree decal facing right for my Daughter's Nursery. The customer service was great. I didn't realize the Tree default was facing left, I contacted Kelly and she sent me the direction I wanted. They honored their 100% gaurentee and I appriciate that considering it was my mistake. The product arrived very quickly. It went on easy and didn't take too long. We were first timers, so we had a friend come help. My husband and friend did it in 1.5 hours.  I've had many compliments on it and highly recommend the company and the product to anyone looking for quality vinyl. I will be a customer for life :)


Thank you!!


Name:Stacy F


I cannot tell you how happy we our with this purchase! It looks exactly as I had hoped. We decided to leave off the bird cage, but I have saved it for later use in case we change our minds. I was able to put this up by myself in about 3 and a half hours from start to finish. My husband helped position the center piece, which did not really have a break in the pattern for me to cut into a more manageable size. (He was working on another project in the house. He wants you to know that's why he was not helping with all of it.)

I liked the look of the tree trunk coming out of the baseboard in the other photos, but I wanted the tree to be higher, so I started it about a foot above it. I placed some of the falling leaves around the bottom of the trunk to give it some depth, so it just looks like the tree sits further back in the "grass." 

Another thing is that we do have textured walls, and we just had the room painted exactly 15 days before I put this up. So I was a little nervous about it. I liked the decal so much, I was prepared to risk it. Honestly, I have never lived in a house without textured walls. The texture is the smoother kind, not the really peaked texture from the 70's. I used the test leaves provided the night before and they stayed up. So I moved forward.

There were some of the leaves and the thinner branches that did not want to come off the backing onto the wall, I just pushed them back down, until the edge caught. I also rubbed over the decal once it was on the wall with a towel to achieve better adhesion. I looks great and like I said, we could not be happier. 

Thank you PopDecors!

Name:Amanda Moore
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pop Decors. Kelly was so helpful and responded to my emails very quickly. I put this large decal up by myself and it took me around 4 hrs. I have done a few decals before but never anything this big. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and well it went up. Will defenitely buy from them again! Thanks so much, I love it! 
The customer service was great. Kelly walked me through color choices, size customization, and the ordering process. The decal arrived a few days after I placed my order and was packaged well. The directions were clear and easy to follow. It took my husband and I 2 hours from start to clean up. The decal looks great, big impact at a fair price. Would order from Pop Decors Decal again in the future.

 Loved the gone with the wind decal. My sister and i put it up and it really looks nice with the wall color!. Did take a few hours but it was well worth it and I think it really makes the whole room look great! Directions were easy to follow and helpful also!

Definitely would recommend this to anyone!

 Tree blowing in the wind 83in
The tree was easier to put up than we initially thought. You definitely need at least two people to put this up. To the supplier I would suggest splitting the top part of the tree into three pieces instead of two. This was the hardest piece to line and put up. Our piece did not appear to be lined up properly when printed and we had to make a few adjustments to make it work, but this want too hard. The tree still looks great.
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