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Love the tree! Pretty, easy to apply, fast shipping. Great instructions. It took about 5 hours for 2 people.
 I used decals to decorate my sons nursery and the were easy to apply and look great!! I have recommended
Them to other friends already thank u so much for the quality product!
Name:Lauren Gundlach
 Love these decals! I put them up all by myself. It took about 3 hours from start to finish, including washing the walls. Super easy!

Love, love, love these decals! We had tree decals in our nursery and it had a great effect. Our kids loved them, as well as everyone else who saw them.  They took time to apply but it was worth it. 


We received our designs and put them up without any issue. The way the design was cut and labeled made the job very very easy and the product is very well done and great materials have been used.

Looking for more things to purchase! 

The birch trees, owls and birds look amazing! It was pretty easy to put it on the wall too. I'm so happy with how it looks- finished the baby's room off perfectly

Instructions for this product are spot on and very easy to follow, the color coding makes instructions user friendly.  

As per the instructions we started with the owl to confirm the wall was not too textured.........the owl did his job and gave us hope for the remainder of the project, a massive tree and family of birds!

Disclosure: (I do have experience with other similar products of this nature).  

This was my first order from this specific vendor.  After starting with the trunk of the tree and letting it set overnight to confirm it had latched, we woke to pure disappointment.  The leaves were wilting straight off of the wall and the trunk was throwing itself off of the wall with haste.  After some additional research - I found that using a hair dryer for moments on the product would aid in the adhesion to the wall.  Sure, this worked....for some of the tree.  After many attempts and more patience then even I knew I had, the product ultimately decided it had the tree disease and is not going to make it long-term.  So, we sit here and mourn the loss of this adorable tree and the many greens we had spent on it in hopes of having a beautiful display in our baby girls room for all to enjoy.    

In short - VERY disappointed in the products lack of performance.


My 8 year old son LOVES squirrels!  I mean...OBSESSED!  I was so excited to find the tree decal with the owl and the squirrels.  It went up so easy and looks just AMAZING!  I ordered several murals from other companies and they did not go up nearly as easy as the one from you!  Thank you so much!

Jen King

 We LOVE the tree. People have been so impressed with our nursery, and this tree is the focal point of the room. Wonderful!
Name:Mary Buetow
 I put this up in our dining area.  We love it!  I did not use all the leaves included, I thought a more sparse, autumn tree was really nice.  I did notice that the leaves did not stick as well when it was very humid, but going over them with a soft cloth helped.  This is a great product at a great price. 
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