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Q:Why do I need wall decal?

Wall decal is a perfect alternative to wallpaper, paint or stencils. Its fashion and convenience features are very suitable for people who are busy but want quality life. Wall decals became popular since 2007 and have quickly gain popularity in US, CA, UK, AU and other markets. If you have been bored of painting walls, using stencils, applying borders, and putting up wallpapers, use our gorgeous wall decals and stickers for decoration. We can make your room shine without damaging your walls or the bank! To use wall decals is very easy.You just need to stick the carved beautiful designs onto where you want to decorate. Comparing to time consuming and high-cost wallpaper, it is really convenient and cost effective. With our wall decal products, we hope to transform your wall as well as the taste of your life.

Q:Are Pop Decors products removable?

Yes! Our decals are easy to remove need to leave or want to have a change. Just peel up from the edge and slowly peel the decal off the wall. Before doing so, warming up the decals with hairdrier will reduce the impact on the wall. Don’t worry, our products wouldn’t harm the wall or leave gum.

Q:How to put decals on wall?

Please refer to the following link for successful installation of our decal on your wall. A video tutorial will be uploaded soon to help on this matter.

Q:On what kind of surfaces can I put on Pop Decors decals?
Decals can be installed on smooth, clean, flat and dry surfaces, such as walls, windows, doors, Mirrors, Closets, Plastic, Metal, and Wood. Textured wall are not recommended for putting decals on. Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the decals from adhering. Also please keep in mind,wall decals will adhere to neither lime nor wet paint wall. Generally newly painted surfaces should dry for 14 days before applying Wall Decals. Enough time for the surface to cure allows the decals to stick better.